Yesterday I was at work, breaking my brain on this hard technical thing.  In the middle of the day we had this two hour long meeting that didn't help matters.  Around 5:30 Missy texts me, wanting to know what time I'm going to be home.

No, not this guy.

No, not this guy.

So I bang away at my tech problem for just a little while longer, then get in my car, and go home.  When I get there, the house is warm, and bright, the dinner table nicely set, and I find meatloaf for dinner.

Missy makes really, really good meatloaf.  It's delightful.  And coming home to a hot dinner made with love, and eating with my family was just what I needed after a long, rather frustrating day.

She takes really good care of me.  I really love her.

AuthorMako Allen
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