There's this ineffable thing I feel about social media political arguments, it's so hard to express.

It's meaningless barking.  It doesn't solve anything.  The very process of it just expends energy, air, time, and effort to get... nothing.

But that doesn't even cover how I really feel.

However, this ineffable feeling, well, it's done been effed, as it were.  By an artist named Mitchell F. Chan.  He created an "art installation" called Something Something National Conversation.

Here's a description of it from his website:

"In Something Something National Conversation (In 2 Characters Or Less), two clouds of water vapour emerge from holes in opposite gallery walls and float toward each other. They collide and dissipate into nothingness, a phenomenon that repeats in perpetuity. The artwork is simultaneously a spectacle, and an over-elaborate exercise in futility."

It is sublime, perfect.

See for yourself.

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude