Passenger Seat

-- by Mako Allen

The thing was, the birds had woken her up.  Adam had opened the sliding balcony door last night, before tucking her in, and climbing into bed beside her.

He’d wrapped his arms around her, then squeezed her bottom through her diaper.  Then, just because he could, he’d slipped his hand down inside the back of it, and toyed with the plug he’d put up her ass.  Christina had told him that she’d never be able to get to sleep like that, and promptly passed right out.

But now the birds were singing, and she was definitely up.  Adam, however, was not.  He lay on the bed, only half covered by the blankets.  During the night Christina had bunched them around herself, rolling them up.  Now Adam was covered more in sunlight than bedding.  The mountain air coming through the balcony door was pleasantly cool, not chilly but it had done its work on Adam.  He’d slept naked, and Christina could see little goosebumps on his exposed chest and stomach.  

She bit her lip, fighting the temptation to run her fingers over them.  

She rolled over, looking for the big brass alarm clock on the rustic wooden nightstand.  As she turned, she was ever so aware of her soggy diaper, which was slightly cool, until she wet again.  As she peed, she bore down, and could feel the metal plug still up her bottom, too.  It was annoying in an arousing way, or maybe arousing in an annoying way.  

The clock read “6:18.”  Daddy had said, in no uncertain terms, she was not to wake him up before 8 am on days when he could sleep in.  Christina pouted to herself, and experimentally pulled the covers off Adam just a bit more.  As it retreated,  the blanket revealed his semi-erect cock, and balls.  

Adam had taken to shaving down there recently.  Christina liked the look of it.  It was one continuous line, from the tip of his circumcised cock, down through the smooth meeting of the base of his shaft with his pert scrotum.  Everything about Adam was just so neat and clean.  

Moving slowly, Christina disentangled herself from the blankets, and slipped underneath Adam’s bent knee, getting her face close enough to his penis to feel the heat from his skin.  It would be so easy to just take him into her mouth.

But she wouldn’t.  She couldn’t.  Because she was not in charge.  He’d made that abundantly clear Friday.

It had been just after lunch, around 1pm, and Christina had been in the middle of reviewing maintenance requests.  The Littleton Realty door chime had gone off, startling her.  Most of their tenants were students at the college, which was on Spring Break.  She called out to whoever it was that she’d be right with them, then finished the work order for pest control over at the Amber Avenue apartments.  “Sorry to keep you waiting,” she began and looked up…  into her husband’s face.

“Adam!” she said, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to sweep you away, on a fabulous romantic getaway,” he’d said, grinning widely.

“You are?” she’d asked, confused.  

“I am.  I have the afternoon off,” he said.  “The library will just have to get along without me.  I don’t think Littleton College will tumble into the sea without me."

“Well, I don’t!” Christina said.  “Have the afternoon off, I mean.”

Her boss, Nora came out of her office, holding her bag.  The tall, dark-haired woman slung the bag over her shoulder, then dug around in it for her keys.  “Actually, Christina, you do.  We’re closing early today.”

“Why, Nora?” she’d asked.

“So you can go out of town, of course,” the dark-haired woman said.  

“How long has this been a thing?” Christina asked, not directing the question at either of them.

“A while,” Nora said.  “Adam and I thought you could use a nice vacation.”

“Surprise!” Adam exclaimed, throwing his hands wide.

Christina bristled at this.  “I see,” she said, cooly.  

Nora crossed to the front door.  “Have a lovely time, you two.”  She turned to Adam, like Christina wasn’t even there.  “She sounds a little fussy.”  Nora made a vague gesture towards Christina whose face grew red and very, very hot.  

“You may be right,” Adam said.  “Mind if we use your bathroom?”

“Of course not,” Nora said.  “Just pick up after yourselves and make sure to lock up before you go, all right?”

Christina made a helpless, squeaking sort of sound, and stared at the floor.  So she heard, but didn’t see Nora leave.

Adam came around behind the desk and took Christina by the hand, pulling her up from her seat.  He put his hands on her shoulders and looked her right in the eye.  “Christina, I’m taking you away for a vacation.  I’ve been planning this for weeks.  I’m going to take you outside, and put you in my car, and drive you someplace really pretty neat.”

Christina frowned.  “But why didn’t you tell me first?”

“That’s why it’s called a surprise.”

“Are we staying overnight?” 

“Two nights even.”

“But where are we going? Did you pack my makeup kit? Do I need a bathing suit? You know, you should always travel with a bathing suit, just in case you…”

Adam turned Christina to the side, pulled up the back of her skirt, and gave her one very hard smack on the back of her pull-up.

“Ow! Hey!” Christina said.

Then Adam reached between her legs to cup her crotch.  He squeezed it, then just to be sure, slid a finger up into the leg of her pull-up to feel inside.

“Is that why you’re being so fussy?” he asked her.  “C’mon, let’s go take care of you.”  Adam reached around the front of the desk, to pick up a denim backpack off the floor.  It was his “diaper bag.”  No, really, it was her diaper bag. 

“OK,” she said quietly.

Adam smacked the back of her thigh, looking at her meaningfully.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, following him into the bathroom.

Adam pulled the bench seat away from the wall, and sat on it.  He unbuttoned her skirt, and had her step out of it.  He fished around in the diaper bag for a packet of wipes, and pulled a few out.  

“Spread ‘em!” he ordered.  Then he briskly and efficiently wiped the folds of her pussy, before gently bending her over his knee, and wiping her bottom.

He reached into the bag, for another pull-up.  “Step in, please,” he said, holding it out for her.

But she hesitated.  “Are we going to be in the car for a long time?”

Adam sighed.  “What does that have to do with you getting into this pull-up?” 

“Well, do we have a lot of them?  How many did you pack? Did you pack me any panties?”

He waited for her to stop, saying nothing.  After a while, he pantomimed putting hands at ten and two o’clock on a steering wheel.  

Christina stopped, puzzled.  “So, what time are we getting there, baby?” he asked her.

“I don’t know!” she scoffed.  “I don’t even know where ‘there’ is?!” 

“That’s right,” he said.  “you don’t.  Stop steering.  But I understand, you want choices, so….”

Adam reached into the bag and pulled out a diaper, a pair of disposable medical gloves, a tube of lubricant, and lastly  two boxes.  

“Here are your choices.  Either you can wear this diaper, and have me put a suppository up your bottom.”  Adam put the diaper and the smaller of the two boxes on his left.  

“Or you can wear this lovely pull-up, like a big girl, along with this equally lovely butt plug.”  Adam opened the second box, which contained a thick, purple bullet shaped butt plug, with a longish neck, and wide flared bottom.

Christina’s mouth opened, but she found herself unable to make a sound.

“Or I can pick for you… but I’m sure you don’t want that, do you, dear?”  Adam smiled sweetly.

Hands shaking, Christina pointed to the pull-up.  Adam patted his lap, invitingly.

She lay across his knees, looking down at the tile floor.  She heard the rubbery snap as he made a long, slow production of getting the gloves on.  Then he made a point of massaging her backside, grabbing and kneading each cheek in his gloved hands.  She heard him uncap the bottle of lube, then Adam spread her cheeks with one hand.  She felt his cold, slippery finger swirl  around her bum hole in several slow, lazy arcs, before he plunged it inside her.

Christina gasped.  A hot, fluttering feeling grew underneath her stomach, and her nipples were suddenly very, very hard.

“Take a deep breath, sweetie,” Adam said.  Christina took an enormous breath, inhaling until she thought her ribs would crack.

Adam pushed the tip of the plug against her nether hole.  “Now let it out, nice and slow.”

As she exhaled, Adam wiggled the plug into her bottom.  The narrow tip widened more and more, stretching her.  It was a dull, throbbing ache that grew steadily as he pushed.  “Almost there,” he consoled her.  Just when she thought she couldn’t take another second of it, there was a popping sensation as the thickest part of the plug passed inside her.  She felt her bottom pull the plug the rest of the way in, right up to the widely flared base, which rested between her cheeks.

Adam set her on her feet.  Her bottom clenched around the plug in a steady rhythm.  Her clit seemed to throb in time with it.  When he asked her to lift her foot and step into the pull-up, she did so in a distracted haze.  She barely noticed when he rubbed the baby powder on her backside,  and between her legs. 

Before Christina even registered it had happened, Adam had put her skirt back on her and tidied up the bathroom.  Then he ushered them out of the office, locking it behind them, and buckled her into the passenger seat of his Saab.  Adam asked her for the second time in a row if she was all right before she nodded mutely, and he pulled away from the curb. be continued

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