This one's sort of a double-shot.

So last night at dinner, I'm telling Missy and my sister-in-law, MB, what a crazy bunch of days I have ahead of me.  First of all tonight I am going to get a much-needed sleep study, for which I need a small suitcase, because taking one of our really big ones would be silly.  Then tomorrow I'm driving down to North Carolina to visit Maya and Shokolada, and spend the weekend with them, going to a cool Phillip Glass concert, and just spending time.

This means I'm not going to be home for like 5 days.

MB volunteers a suitcase of hers, and goes downstairs to get it for me.  Supertotal nice!

She wishes me safe travels and to have fun down in NC.

After Missy and I have game night with Squee and the kids over the internet, we head off to sleep, and I promptly forget to bring the suitcase upstairs.  

This morning, Missy hugs me, we cuddle a bit, and have this sweet tender moment where she tells me to be safe, have a good time, and be a good boy while I'm away.  I get in the shower, feeling all schmoopy and good over it.

Then I remember that I need to pack, and that the suitcase is still downstairs in the kitchen.

Except it's not.  Missy went and got it for me and brought it upstairs while I was showering, to make it easier on me.

Did I mention that Missy's having trouble with her knee, and that going up and down the stairs doesn't particularly feel good for her just now?

These sorts of little things (that are in fact, not little things at all) are some of the best parts of my life.

I love that my family supports me, in who I am, and what I do.  I love that they're there for me, and get me.  I recognize that I'm kind of an odd duck, not quite like most folks, in so many ways.  But it feels so damn good when the people who I'm the closest to see it and support it.  It's so nice to have family who have my back.




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