On Friday I had a moment of mad scientist frenzy. I had stumbled across this electronic party game called QuipLash and what u wanted more than any other thing was to play it across the Internet with friends.  

The game is meant to be played by a large number of people in the same room, each using their smartphone or tablet as a controller.  

Cool, right? 

As for the game, it's like putting Cards Against Humanity and The Game of Things in a blender, mixed with a dash of fart jokes and crude flirty behavior. 

I love it.  

Using my xbox, twitch, and my laptop I worked out a way to get a bunch of nice folks from the Big Little Podcast slack to play.  


Which resulted in choices like that delightful one. So fun! 

I love, love TED Talks. You know, those 18 minute long videos given by some of the smartest people on earth, about significant issues of the day, incredible technological breakthroughs, medical advances, or issues of the human heart and mind?

This is not one of those. 

Oh, make no mistake. It is a TED talk all right. It's about spam, a man named Solomon, and most importantly A Giant Gummy Lizard. 

See for yourself.  

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So, like you do, I was clipping photos out of a life hacking post that was filled with advertising and spam, because some of these hacks really are great when I noticed something peculiar about this one. 


Yes, using bread clips to label & organize your power cords is brilliant.  However, look at what's written on these four particular clips:

* Mouse (that's fine)

* Power (still perfectly normal)

* Hot tub (curious) 

* Life support (now we descend into madness) 

What exactly is going on here?  As I figure it, a terminally ill girl, who is HOOKED TO LIFE SUPPORT has been helped into a HOT TUB by a well-meaning, supportive, but ultimately possessed-of-poor-judgment boyfriend.

Being the plucky, take-charge sort of guy he is, he's going to run her life support computer from INSIDE THE HOT TUB.

This can't possibly end well. But you never know, I mean, look how organized the guy is, right?

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