I'm Mako Allen...

  • Author

  • Podcaster

  • Life coach

  • ....and shark-obsessed kinky age playing, polyamorous Taoist.

This site is a sort of  clearinghouse for information, a veritable ocean of content about the many different things I do.  Here's the sort of stuff you'll find here:



Information and news about a podcast I cohost, The Big Little Podcast

Short fiction including the micro erotica I write on Twitter as @TinySmut


Sample chapters from, and links to my new novel Concerning Littleton

Information about my life coaching practice, where I specialize in helping age playing and other kinky folks, but not just with kinky things

Sample chapters from, and links to my first novel Auntie Eva's Boarder, available at Amazon (in print), on iTunes Books, the Nook, and through Lulu

...as well as my blog!

A few words about the blog

I've had a lifelong interest in journaling, and have been a prolific journaler across many different media for years.  I journal about lots of different things, and for many different reasons.  My journal is a mixture of silly, absurd frivolity, and some weighty, serious philosophical pondering.  

A big part of my journaling is my daily practice of meditation and contemplation. I've always got something I'm working on in this fevered brain of mine. I like sharing this practice with others, because of my belief that we are all one another's teacher, and student. I welcome you to read and comment, and mix it up with me.  It's a lifelong practice, a joyful, difficult daily work.  One of my favorite books is Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman.  In it, one of the main characters, a spiritual teacher Dan calls Socrates tells him the truth about these sorts of practices: "There is no starting or stopping, only doing."

An Important Caveat

One last thing, before you get exploring, dear reader.  I'm an author of fetish erotica, and as I mentioned above, kinky.  While you're not going to see a lot of outright explicit nudity or porn here, there will be non-work safe content aplenty.  This site contains erotic fiction, audio fiction, and frank discussions of sexuality, alternative and otherwise. If you're bothered by such, underage, or surfing from work, do us both a favor, and go gently away from this place.

Otherwise, dive right in, the water's fine. Welcome!