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Sometimes, stuff I do just makes me so happy.

I adore my illustrator Jenn Solo. She and I have been working together for over a year now.

We’ve been making new illustrated fiction together.

I’ve been narrating some of it, working with other narrators too.

A month or so ago I had this idea for a new series of stories about Little Sprocket, an age player in her 20’s, who’s new and exploring.

Sprocket knows she likes diapers, knows she wants to be spanked, but isn’t at all sure about anything else.

I also had this kinda bizarre, meta, experimental idea to give Sprocket her own fetlife profile.

I was telling my friends ResonantYes and roadnottaken of the Love in Brief podcast about it, and asked them for help narrating it. And they had this amazing idea to do a mixed narration to record it. Part RY, part rnt, all awesome.

It turned out so, so good.

But don’t take my word for it, take a listen to a little bit of it for yourself.

I’m beside myself with glee at how good it sounds.

It hasn't been easy for Marigold.

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First, when she was just a child. she had to go live with her awful aunt.  Then, there’s the very bad thing that made her run away from home.  

Eventually she grew up and found a great guy.  They got married, had a kid, everything seemed just fine. But it wasn’t.

Marigold realized what she really wanted.  She wanted him to spank her.  Not just that, either.  She wanted him to put her in diapers, and she told him.  

It didn’t go so well.

But that wasn’t going to stop her.  Because once she really knew who she was, that was when little marigold began to blossom.

New illustrated chapters and audio released exclusively at 

AuthorMako Allen

On my way home last night I was listening to an audiobook as I drove, 69: Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire.  

I love collections of erotic short stories.  They can be hit or miss though.  I've been on-and-off listening to this particular anthology for a while, as sort of filler amongst other things.

It hadn't really clicked with me, until last night.

Two stories in it, one right after the other, caught my attention.

First was "His", by Charlotte Stein.  It's about a powerful businessman, getting a spanking by his diminutive wife.  Every little thing about it was perfect.  The narrator's voice was spot on, and the story described not just the action but the feelings of the main character so very well.

Here's a clip from it.  Sorry it can't be longer. 

Then there was "Talk to the Hand" by Allison Wonderland.  This one's the story of a deaf woman and her hearing lover, who is kinky.  Actually, they both are.  It's the story of how the main character comes out to her lover, who, spoiler, already knew.  It's brilliant.  The characters come alive as you listen.  You just know them.  (Valentalae in particular would love this one, with her love for deaf culture.)

Again, here's a clip from it, I wish could be longer.

These are both so artful.  I'm grateful I own this book, and can listen to them over and over.


AuthorMako Allen
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