It sounds like a made up native american tribe name, but what Maymicmak actually was was the funny way the scoring system abbreviated Maya, Michael, and my names when we went bowling Saturday night.

It was Maya's idea, and a whole lot of fun, and like a fantastically wonderful thing for a poly triad to do.

It was funny - on our lane there were these two chairs side by side, right by the lane and the ball return.  So, two of us were always seated while the third person bowled.  

As each of us stood to bowl, the other two would cheer them on.  When any of us had a particularly good throw, the other two would cheer and clap, encouragingly.  After a bad one, we'd sit down to hugs, pats, and comforting words.  Sure, the purpose was ostensibly to win, but it really didn't feel like that.  It was more like each of us was striving for our personal best, and helped along by the other two.

It was super fun, and very loving.

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For as long as I've known them Maya and Michael have both been super thoughtful. They go out of their way to do nice things for others, demonstrate their affection. 

They gave me an awesome thoughtful birthday present Thursday night.  


Oh you want to know what was in it?  Cool shark socks and an even more cool t-shirt. 

Why is this shirt cool?

Several reasons.

1) It glows in the dark. 


2) It features Stevonnie from Steven Universe

3) And quotes from my most very favorite episode ever, Mindful Education .

4) The second they saw it they knew it was perfect for me, and I would have to have it.  

They were right too. They're so thoughtful!

ps - if you haven't seen the episode, you really should check it out. It's awesome. 





AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude