This morning, I hit an emotional speed bump.


Exactly what it is doesn’t matter. And it’s private. If we’re good friends, and you want to ask, you can. I might not say anything. We’ll see.

That’s not the important part.

The important part is I was confronted with the need to address something really important, and right the heck now. To not do so would have caused suffering.

It’s been a giant part of my spiritual practice for the better part of oh, seventeen years now, to not cause needless suffering as much as I am able.

So I was in a pickle.

But I reached out to some people I love and care about very much, to be a sounding board for my thoughts. It was a mix of good friends and loved ones. And boy did they come through.

I got perspective, I made a compassionate choice, and I took action.

And feel the better for it.

Thanks you secret helpers. You know who you are.

AuthorMako Allen

My wife Missy is pretty great. Among the many things she is to me, one of my favorite is that she’s my adventure buddy.

We go do and try new things all the time. For example, a few months ago we decided we wanted to get into hiking. So, we started to try.

First we went to parks near our house and went on some walks. Then we got a park membership to a nearby wilderness park. We got walking sticks.

After that things started to pick up speed. My girlfriend, MJ who is also a hiker, got us to get decent hiking boots, good socks, and more gear, including trek poles.

This has turned into a big thing for us.

After taking a break from it for a few weeks because of travel and general busy-ness, we got back to it. I really wanted us to go, and while at first she didn’t, we decided to do it. We went on this 2.5 mile hike, in the middle of which Missy took this picture.


Our little hammock campsite

Through Missy’s lens ball

Besides how pretty a pic this is, what really blows me away is how Missy takes this great thing we do and makes it even more great by adding her own special touch to it.

She really makes every part of my life even better.

AuthorMako Allen

So today I'm hard at work editing the audio from the latest chapter of my new novel, Little Marigold Blossoms.

LMB edit.jpeg

It's hard work.  The raw audio file is over an hour long.

Audio editing is not a glamorous task.  What I'm doing is listening to the same audio, over and over, clipping out bad takes, laughter, mouth noise, environmental sound that got into the recording by accident, adjusting the audio to be mostly the same level.

It comes with the territory.  My narrator for the book, Suzie is really good.  She has a great sense of timing, drama, and emotion.  I love working with her.  We've got a great working relationship, and she's super patient with me about doing multiple takes for something, in order to get it just the way I want.

Even as good as she is, I still got to take the raw product and refine it.  But you know what? I love it.  Even the laborious, painstaking parts of the gig are worth doing.  

There's this one exchange between Mari, the main character, and her Uncle Norman, where she cuts him off, responding in quick anger to something he says as they're on a plane ride.  I edited the audio so that in Suzie's narration, playing as Mari, she actually interrupts herself, playing as Uncle Norman.  It's a subtle, little thing.  But it's artful and clever (if I do say so myself), and makes Suzie's performance really pop.

I was so very pleased by it that I took a little break to write this post about it.  I feel blessed to have such a talented narrator to work with, and on a project I love so very much.


AuthorMako Allen

Spacey and I had the best phone call today.

It was a Thursday, and like pretty much every Thursday, we had a call on the books.  It's one of the ways in which we stay connected.

Anyhow, our phone call was so damn good.  I mean, they're always good, but this one was spectacular.  Besides planning out about 7 months worth of Big Little Podcast topics, we had this very substantive talk about relationships, about our own connection and how much we mean to one another, about healthy boundaries, communication, empathy, and self-love.

One of my favorite things about my brother is that he loves digging into the deep stuff like this with me.  We're like co-pilots of some spaceship that traverses the brain and the heart.

One of the things he told me is that while he considers me his poly partner, when he's explaining our relationship to vanilla folks he refers to me as his best friend.  Not surprisingly, I'm in complete agreement with him.  We're of one mind on it.  I see it just the same.

I'm so grateful for him.  He makes my life better each and every day.

AuthorMako Allen