Speaking of having different tastes....

So, I wrote a new Concerning Littleton story, Different Tastes as a birthday present for my little girl, Valentalae.  I've also recorded it as an audio story!  Here it is!

While you listen, let me tell you a little something about her.

Vee, as I like to call her, came into my life about three years ago, when she first reached out to Spacey and I about The Big Little Podcast.  She was a fan of the show, and liked it enough, that when we asked her to come on, she was happy to.  Give it a listen, here.  She's appeared on the show lots of times since then, as a panelist, or caller.  She's also become part of my family.  I love her very much.

She's going to blush reading this (too bad, Vee!) but I've got to tell you, she's exceptional in many ways.  


  • A brilliant humorist
  • Verbally quick
  • A hilarious mimic
  • An excellent speaker

 She's also got a very big heart, and is a big supporter to me in everything I do.  She's got some diverse and unique kinks too.  Besides being an age player, she's very much into wet and messy play, being humiliated, and a fetish she calls "culture play", which is a sort of charm-bracelet-collection of related fetishes involving foreign language, accents, culture, sadistic cultural dissonance, and admiration for different-folks-living-differently.  It's heady, complex stuff.

Another awesome thing about Vee is that she's a very thorough "comma wrangler", as she'd call it.  When I wrote Concerning Littleton she was one of my test readers, and a dedicated contributor.  She helped shape the book into what it is, guiding me with feedback and editing advice about what made the book work.

A deal I have with my test readers is that in some way, shape or form, they, or something important to them wind up in my books.  In Vee's case, that's the character, Donna who works in the Littleton College library,  Donna Sorensen isn't exactly Vee, but isn't exactly not her, either.

One last thing about her: August 27th is her birthday.  That's why I made her (and you) this present.

Different Tastes is a story all about Donna, and her unique tastes.  It takes place during the events of the main novel, and gives you extra insights not just about Donna, but some other characters, too.  Give it a listen.  I hope  you like it.

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