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Sometimes, stuff I do just makes me so happy.

I adore my illustrator Jenn Solo. She and I have been working together for over a year now.

We’ve been making new illustrated fiction together.

I’ve been narrating some of it, working with other narrators too.

A month or so ago I had this idea for a new series of stories about Little Sprocket, an age player in her 20’s, who’s new and exploring.

Sprocket knows she likes diapers, knows she wants to be spanked, but isn’t at all sure about anything else.

I also had this kinda bizarre, meta, experimental idea to give Sprocket her own fetlife profile.

I was telling my friends ResonantYes and roadnottaken of the Love in Brief podcast about it, and asked them for help narrating it. And they had this amazing idea to do a mixed narration to record it. Part RY, part rnt, all awesome.

It turned out so, so good.

But don’t take my word for it, take a listen to a little bit of it for yourself.

I’m beside myself with glee at how good it sounds.

So, wow, in the many years I've been writing this blog, I don't think I've ever actually had an announcement before.

But, this is a pretty big deal.  So here we go!

I've started a brand spanking (heh) new Patreon page for my fiction and audio fiction!

It’s at


And yes, I've already got one patron!  (Thanks, Shok!)

Here's the deal on this thing:

I love writing short fiction.  I love recording audio stories.  I love writing novels.

But as you all know, the podcast, which is a big venue for me to do that sort of thing, hasn't been coming out very often lately.  That's due to a large number of life factors, for both Spacey and myself.  I've been super busy working on a side business.  

But I love this stuff.  And I want to give time to it.  So, I've decided to embark on a brave little experiment.  I'm going to be writing new fiction of multiple lengths, and posting it on my patreon page.  That includes, amongst other things, recording audio versions of my existing novels, Auntie Eva's Boarder and Concerning Littleton.

It also includes work on short stories about other characters in the Littleton universe.  And some brand new work I've been doing on gentle femdom characters.  PLUS, I've got a 3rd novel in the works, and if this thing takes off, I'm going to let you all see it and help me write it, by letting people test read it.

I'm so excited, I can't even stand it!

I'll keep you all posted. 

AuthorMako Allen