I've been friends with my pal Sarah Noel for a loooong time.  I first met her through my friend Cleo, back when she was in service to her.  Ages ago, she came down to visit me, and go with Missy and I to Six Flags, an amusement park outside of Washington DC.

I've know her through every incarnation, and she's had many.  She changed careers, went back to school, changed her identity d/s wise, all sorts of things.  Through it all, we've always been close.  One of my favorite memories of her is a time we just floated together in the pool at my apartment building, talking about our lives.

A few months ago, she moved very far away, to California.

We had a farewell lunch at my house.  It was bittersweet.

But the funny thing is, she and I have talked more often, more regularly since she moved than in the past several years she lived in the area.

We took for granted, both of us, how easily we could see and talk to one another, spend time with one another.

And now we don't.  Whenever we feel like it, which is often, we reach out to one another to talk about Very Big Things, or just How We Are Feeling.

It feels good.  I'm so grateful for my friendship with her.  Love you, Pal.



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