Caution: This one's a little gross.* 

There's this lesson every long distance walker/runner learns early on. Go to the bathroom and get empty before you go.  

The consequences of not doing so can be disastrous. 

There's a saying about scuba divers: there are two kinds. Those who have  already thrown up on the boat, and those who have yet to do so .

Running has something similar. Feel free to use your imagination.  

Anyhow, this morning I was about 1.something miles into my usual out-and-back workout when I realized that I might have a problem.  

As I commented to Squee & Moliére on the phone, "there go any running intervals for today." 

It was still a good workout. Sure, I've worked harder before. And will in the future. Today, I didn't give a crap** that my workout was suboptimal.  

There's no place like home

There's no place like home



 * Hey, you read this of your own free will, buddy

** Well, until I got home, thank goodness

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