My girlfriend Squee and I live almost 800 miles apart, but we're really good at meshing our lives together at a distance.  We schedule time to go visit one another.  We send each other care packages.  We have little routines for all sorts of things.  Once a week we have a over-the-internet game night, where Missy, Squee, and I play electronic board games together and just spend time with one another.  

And we talk, a lot, about everything and nothing.  (That's really important, to do both of those things.  It's all the little ways in which you get in a partner's head.  So, we share our triumphs and tribulations with our jobs, talk about the vicissitudes of our friendships, goals, dreams, everything.)

One of the neat effects of that is it's a kind of mental sifting of all sorts of things.  Old memories come up, get dusted off, revisited, shared.  I'll stumble across a book I like, a movie, talk about a food I'm cooking, or an old song I like.

We were experimenting with a Skype replacement today, an app called Duo, made by Google, that's good for 2 person video calls.  The video got all out of whack, like an old poorly dubbed karate movie.  (Those movies have a horribly politically incorrect but funny name, they're called Chopsocky movies.) We both laughed about it, and I told her how it reminded me of this song I like, that I hadn't thought of in ages, that was a fake chopsocky movie as a song.  I told her I'd seek it out again, I couldn't quite remember who made it.  I bet it had a video too, and that it would be a hoot.

Well, I did.  And it is.  It's "Ninja Tune" by the band Hexstatic.

It's amazing.  See and hear for yourself.




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