So this morning, as is becoming my habit, I went out for a run, sharing it remotely with my girlfriend Squee, and my bestie, Moliére.  It was a good workout, filled with hills, all sorts of funny puns about kink and computers (subroutines, DOM navigation, master-and-slave-controllers, etc.), too.

On my way back to the cul-de-sac I live in (infinite loop, anyone?), I noticed I was at 3.9 miles for the workout, so I decided to walk the cul-de-sac over and over until I hit the 4 miles I wanted.

It's like a piece of modern art!

It's like a piece of modern art!

I'm happy I did it, but I also notice several things that made me able to do it.

  • For one, I'm a bit OCD.  I like round numbers, filled spaces, evenly balanced things.
  • It enabled me to stay on the phone just a bit longer with two people I love very much.
  • As I make working out more of a habit, a routine, I'm beginning to lean on it and into it.  I need it.
  • I feel hope in the small gains.  I only ran one interval today, but felt good about it.  I'm in touch with the truth that progress comes in gradual waves.  I know I'm not some skyrocket, that has to launch, go up without stopping, only to explode.

I'm loving my progress.

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