We all know the lyrics.

Help me if you can, I'm feeling down


And I do appreciate you being 'round

Help me get my feet back on the ground

Won't you please, please help me

I like helping people.  In kink circles I do it often. But at work, nowhere nearly as much.  I have this co-worker they're struggling to learn something new. I've been giving them some guidance for a week or two. 

Honestly, it hasn't felt like it was enough help. But I was wrong.  Today we sat together, and I showed them this one particular something they had been struggling to understand. I watched as they went from bewildered to got it .

Then we had this awesome chat exchange.  

 Me: Excellent!$co-worker, I’m thrilled.  I feel like you’ve made a big jump forward.It’s starting to click for you, isn’t it?

$ co-worker: Yes, thanks to your help and guidance

Me: Awww, thanks.

Man, helping someone else is the best feeling. 

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude