Auntie Squee shared with me the other day her SQUEECRET RECIPE.  It's a three song playlist that helps her find focus, concentrate, and really bring her A-game to work, when she needs to.

You do have to use it properly, however.  

The rules:

  1. Listen to the entire 3 song playlist.
  2. Listen to it in order.  There is no shuffling.
  3. You may repeat the list as much as you need it.  This last one isn't so much a rule as it is a guideline.

I was having one of those I-would-rather-hit-myself-in-the-face-with-a-dirty-waffle-iron-than-spend-one-more-minute-looking-at-this-stupid-code days at work the other day, and I applied the Squeecret Recipe.

Worked like a charm!

Here's the recipe:

Carribean Blue (by Enya) 

White Rabbit (by Jefferson Airplane)

Space Unicorn (by Parry Gripp)



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