So the other day I'm driving to work, chatting on the phone with my Auntie Squee, and we're both having a giggle over this shark hat I'm wearing, because, well, 


But then I was also telling her about the rest of my shark-themed ensemble that day.  I had on:

  • the shark hat (present from Katiebug)
  • my red "Mako from Legend of Korra" scarf (knitted for me by Katiebug)
  • my new custom-shark-embroidered sweater (christmas present from Rachel)
  • my shark boxer shorts (present from Missy)
  • new ocean-colors socks (present from Katiebug & Leah)

A considerable precentage of my wardrobe for the day was all stuff made for me or given to me by members of my polyamorous family.  This gives me enormous joy.  It's like I'm wearing their love for me on my sleeve.  And my head.  And around my neck.  And on my feet.  And covering my butt.

Well, you get the idea.

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