On Friday, I got a lovely surprise.  Our girl Katie's partner Leah was in town for other things, and had an appointment of hers get canceled.  Which meant that she and I could go to lunch.

Going to lunch with Leah is one of my favoritest things ever, because she is one of my favoritest people ever.

We're family.  She sort of snuck into my family in the best way possible.  She came to live with Katie, moving to the east coast from Seattle.  This was something I was excited about from day one, because I've always been impressed with her as a person.  She's kind, loving, gentle, thinky, and smart.  She's a really great partner to Katie, a warm and engaged parent to Katie's son, and has always been wonderful to me, Missy, and everyone else in the family, too.

I particularly love spending one-on-one time with Leah, because she's one of those skull-digging-deep-thinky-people like me.  We could talk philosophy, Taoism, mindfulness. and Harry Potter for hours. 

Actually, who am I kidding about that?  We have done this.  Repeatedly.

One of our big shared jokes about mindfulness, which we often say to one another, and which absolutely makes us both burst out laughing every time one of us says it is, "I don't see how it isn't."

I love her.


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