My kink family is large.  It has members in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, California and Illinois.  (We're expanding, coming soon to a city near you!) Some of its members I see fairly often, others months go by, even years without my spending face-to-face time. (Which doesn't matter, because the second we're together, it's like no time has passed.)

There's a core part of this group I do see fairly regularly, although it's a bit like real-estate in Japan, no amount, no matter how big, is ever enough.

On Saturday, a bunch of us got together to celebrate our girl Rachel's birthday, at our house.  Rachel, her husband B, Katie, Leah, my vanilla-but-kink-friendly sister-in-law, Missy, and myself all hung out for the day.

One of the more fun things we did was play this videogame version of Pictionary called Drawful.

It was crazy fun.

We all kept making each other laugh, as we surprised each other with the goofy, off-center ways each of us think.

It was delightful.

Even more delightful to me was how all these people whom I love got together, to spend time with each other.  Not because of me, just because we're all family.

That's very special to me.

AuthorMako Allen
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