Sunday after the Littles Invasion, we all got breakfast at a great diner.  The invasion was lots of fun - there were a ton of littles there.  I got to meet some folks in person who we've had on the podcast, bumped into old friends I hadn't seen in almost a decade, too.

But the very best part was surprising Maddy.  She had no idea we were going to be there.  We sauntered into the playspace and found her and Devin, and tapped her on the shoulder.  She sort of spontaneously combusted into a pile of affectionate melty goo.

This makes me very happy.  I'm total rubbish at surprises and secrets.  Not three days before this, she had messaged me saying how much she missed us, and wanted us to visit sometime.  I said, with as straight a face as I could manage (which was to say not at all) "Oh don't worry, Maddy, I'm sure we will see one another sooner or later."

Good thing it was a texting conversation.  I have like no poker face whatsoever.

Anyhow, as I was saying, the next morning, we went out for breakfast.  The diner was really, really good.  They had amazing challah french toast, and they had bagelry.    The item on the menu struck me so funny, I had to take a picture.

After breakfast, because I suck mightily at goodbyes we lingered in the parking lot for way too long, and took a happy, schmoopy picture with Devin and Maddy.

I love them so much.  Sure, this was a surprise for Maddy, but it was really a treat for me, too.


We'll have the schmoop to go, please.

We'll have the schmoop to go, please.

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