Saturday was a very busy day.  I got up early, and went for a long walking workout.  Along the way I passed a broken mug in the gutter, one I've seen for several days now.  (I think if it's still there the next time I go, I'm bringing a trash bag and just picking it up myself.) 

Then I came home, finished packing my suitcase, and drove with Missy to Connecticut. 


It was around a 450 mile trip, that did take a VERY long time, but it was for some very good purposes.

1) To get to see Little Ella and Wundertom, who were doing another awesome Littles Invasion at The Society.  I super especially wanted to do this because we had to miss their wedding ceremony due to scheduling conflicts earlier this summer.

2) We were going to get to surprise our friend Maddy, who was going to be there celebrating her birthday!

The trip was long.  But, along the way I asked Missy if she wanted me to read to her all 18,000 words I had so far of A Little Patch of Sunshine.  She did.  It took a while.  When I finally reached the current chapter, and stopped midway through a scene, she said, "THAT'S IT?! WHERE'S THE REST?! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?!?!"  

She asked me if maybe I could get a little writing done right now so she could hear more.  I gave it a good try, but juggling a bluetooth keyboard and a tablet on your lap in the car is pretty hard.

Still, that seems like a pretty great review from the person whose opinion means the most to me in all the world.

Lap. Top.  Literally.

Lap. Top.  Literally.

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