Monday morning I was a little rough.  (Round tripping 900 miles in two days will do that to you.)  I was super pleased to see we still had a poppy seed roll left so I used it to make myself a very nice little breakfast sandwich. 

Then I packed my lunch for work.  That apple came from a rest stop somewhere in Connecticut.  That salad was leftover from one I had made on Friday.  I love leftovers.  They push a few buttons for me.  On the one hand, it's like found money, sort of.  On the other, they're sort of the Ghost of Good Meals Past or something.  

It's probably not very grown up that I thought I would enjoy that apple for my mid-morning snack just a little bit more because I got it on the way to see my friends.  

But you know what? It was absolutely true. 

AuthorMako Allen
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