I had this long dry spell working on my new novel, A Little Patch of Sunshine.  I was about 18,000 words in, and had a bunch of difficult life stuff happen, starting back last September.  It was like someone came into my personal spoon drawer and picked up all the creative ones and just chucked them away.

That time's over.  About a month or so ago I went to check in with my old therapist, who gave me some advice I really needed to hear.  I started doing a very particular form of daily meditation, and it's yielding results.  Besides getting back to regular exercise, my creative mind has flared up and caught fire again.  First, there were the two "Littleton Somethings" I wrote recently, Passenger Seat and its sequel, Gear Shift.

But both of those were in preparation to resume work on my 3rd novel.  On Friday I started work on it again.  First I re-read my synopsis and character bios, and then re-read all 18,000 words I had previously written.  Then I went back and edited some things in earlier chapters.  All this is easy for me to do because of a system I have in place that allows me to get to my writing from my phone, tablet, or computer.

As I was doing all this, I stumbled across a scene I really love, between the main character, Sunny, and her Uncle Norman.  They're sharing waffles at a diner that will be very familiar to Concerning Littleton fans, before they go on a long trip.

I love this scene.  I love these characters.  I love that I'm writing again.

AuthorMako Allen
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