Sunday afternoon, I went back through one of our podcast episodes we have "in the can", listening to update the show notes on it before Brother could release it.  (Which by the way, he did.  It's this one.) 

I texted him, to let him know I'd finished, and we edited the "blurb" the show description for the episode together, in text.


He took what I had to say, mixed it with what he had to say, and came up with a really great description for the show.  I said as much, and that we were done, and it turned into the silly pun you see above.  (For my VI readers, I said "That's a wrap people!" and he responded with a picture of an actual chicken wrap.  Delicious and funny!)

I love my brother.  He's frivolous and serious with me, about all the stuff I care about.  Getting to do creative stuff with him is one of the best parts of my life.


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