I've written before about how I adore our girl Kate's son, who for comic reasons past, I call Captain-Man.  Kate and the good Captain came down for a visit this past weekend.  One thing I really love about when they visit is getting to be his Uncle Mako, and seeing him spend time with his Aunt Missy.


Missy adores him, as I do.  She gets to flex her nurturing muscles in a way that is fulfilling and altogether different.  Sure, she enjoys her time with Little Mako and the rest of our "grownup kids" - but it's a pale substitute for the real deal.

I spent the day watching the two of them just bask in one another's company.  Cap, he likes to talk to Missy about anything and everything.

Missy is pretty patient about it.  A 5 year old has as many things to talk about as there are clouds in the sky.  Really, she sort of revels in it.  We took a ride on the metro, to try to go see a very busy and cool exhibit at the Building Museum.  


This wasn't the Captain's first time on the metro - but it had been long enough that he couldn't remember it.  Missy held his hand, and they sort of ooh'ed and aah'ed together at all the little everyday details about riding a train that I take for granted.

It was a long day, filled with a lot of walking, some really good pizza, and a whole lot of xbox minecraft, followed by a bubble bath for the Captain.

He conked out pretty hard.  

I think he had a lot of fun, and I know Missy did.


My family is unique, and has its own special shape.  I'm happy I have it.

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