So I have this friend, Dawn-Marie.  I first met her through my friend Peanut.  She's to Peanut much like Spacey and Pene are to me.  She's a really neat person.  She's kind, funny, can be silly and goofy, too.  She's a lovely person, and very beautiful.  I'm thrilled that we're friends.

It pleased me to no end to find out that she really likes my writing, too.  She's a regular follower of my @TinySmut account on Twitter, where I write micro-erotica.  Yesterday was her birthday.  I decided to write her a piece of TinySmut as a present, and asked her what she'd want.

She asked for "Lady next door with neighbor boy. Humiliation/teasing of the boy would be delightful."

I gave her this:

He mowed the lawn, watching her as he did.

He grew sweaty.

She would need to pay him. She let her legs drift apart.

He grew red. #tinySmut


She liked it very much indeed.  I'm grateful she did, and that she's my friend, and that I could make her happy on her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DM!

AuthorMako Allen
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