This is Captain-Man!

Captain-Man's powers include:

  • Cat Petting
  • Cuddling
  • Admired Grownup Mimicry
  • Being so ridiculously adorable it makes your face hurt.

He's Kate's little boy, and he's very special to me.  He loves sharks, both because they are, undeniably really cool, and because I love them.

Because he loves me.

And it's entirely mutual.  I love this kid.  Kate, and The Captain, have been a part of our lives for almost three years now.  I've watched him grow from a toddler to a little kid, and can see him moving at super-speed through that stage, too.  I've been waiting to read Harry Potter with him, and get him to begin a life long love with books, and bookish things, like me.  He's already excited to learn to play Scrabble - I have plans in the works to get him Scrabble Junior, and teach him how to play.  

Among the Captain's more amazing powers is his ability to soak in new ideas and experiences like a sponge.  Just yesterday I started to teach him how to play mancala, and after maybe two games, he totally understood the rules, and was playing like a champ.

I am powerless before this kid's sheer wonderfulness.

AuthorMako Allen
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