There's a famous Monty Python sketch about a composer, Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson.  

It's on my mind this morning after my day of mistakes yesterday.  It's not really related, in the same way as say, having a garden shed isn't related to being a composer.

I do have a point here though.

It's about having a plan. Yesterday I had a distinct plan for my day and this, the next day, that fell right through, because of some choices I made.

Sounds like a bad deal, right? There goes my well-crafted plan! Boo-hoo!


This morning while re-evaluating my options, I made a new plan. Look, I have two plans! (Actually, from the time I began writing this, I actually threw that plan right out, and made yet another new one. But there's no Three Sheds sketch, so there you go.  You work with what you have.) 

Joking aside, that's right square where my gratitude hit me this morning. I have ownership. I'm responsible for me. 

That means I'm the ultimate maker of my own choices. (Even when those choices mean losing code, getting bad sleep, or maybe getting a good hard smack or three for misbehavior [in my mutually consensual d/s relationship].)


It also means that as plans for my day go, I'm like a veritable plan factory.  If a plan isn't working out I can scrap it and whip up a new one in nothing flat!  Then as soon as I have it, it's time to execute the plan!  (Even if the first step is to scrap the whole thing. Funny, that.)

It makes a sound in my head when I do that, in fact. It almost sounds like a symphony!


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