On Tuesday I had a great day at work, recovering from a glitch I had made/caused myself.  I not only redid my work, but improved upon it, quite a bit.  Things were going swimmingly, right until the end of the day when I went to check in my stuff, and wound up blowing something up.

I wasn't quite sure how to fix it, so I left for the day, hoping to get assistance with the issue the next morning.  When I got in, my coworker had already fixed it altogether, even going so far as to include data I needed as he fixed it.

What a good guy!

So I spent all of yesterday moving even further ahead on my project.  Right up until the end of the day, when I realized I needed more/different requirements to be able to continue at all, and that I was going to need to meet with a different coworker to hash it out.

But that's okay.  Because this work is a team effort.  It's not all about me.  I can, and do lean on my fellow coworkers to get things done.  I trust them.

It feels good.

AuthorMako Allen
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