Yesterday was filled with don'ts. First, I lost a bunch of code at work because of something I didn't realize about our version control system. 

Then after fasting and a doctor's appointment, I got to try Smashburger, a place I had never been to before. 


I know it looks good, but the food was heavy. Plus, I hadn't worked out that morning. Plus, I had a shake.  After I felt sleepy, slow, and just bad. 

Plus, I came home and stayed up way past my bedtime with Missy, playing Minecraft.  

I had trouble getting to sleep, and now I'm running late for my day.  I was a bit of a mess getting up this morning. 

Why would I be grateful for any of that? Because mistakes are how we learn. 

After my code mistake I began putting things back together, and committing each file as I did.  

Today I know that it's okay for me to have a moderate amount of junk food, but not a lot all at once.  I know my limits. 

I also know that as much as I had fun playing video games, I'm as much (actually more) my own grownup as Missy is, and when it was bedtime I should have spoken up, and got ready for bed.  

Learning is hard. But it's good.  

AuthorMako Allen
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