The other day I downloaded an upgrade to my operating system that among other things, came with a new cloud-based app to replace iPhoto.  As part of the consolidation process, the system moved all my various photos and videos out to the cloud.

As this happened, I got into a sort of forced nostalgia dumpster-dive of old photos and videos.

I found this little gem.

This is about a decade ago, when I took a trip to DisneyWorld with Spacey.  We were in the Imaginarium, the explore-and-play area at the end of Figment the dragon's Journey into Imagination ride.

There was this music-making-sensor-activated display, and I was activating it all right - with my butt.

As I recall the cast member running the attraction commented to Spacey, upon seeing this, "It's way too early in the day for me to be seeing this."

It's a precious, silly memory and I'm grateful for it.

AuthorMako Allen
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