So in my day job, I'm a web developer.  

As opposed to all the other stuff I do, including:

  • writing about people getting their diapers pulled down to get a spanking
  • talking to people about asking their partner to put them in a diaper, which they can then pull down to spank them
  • talking to my brother and his wife and select guests, while being recorded, about those guests wearing diapers and.. well, you get the idea

I love what I do.  It's creative, and challenging, and fun.  It's also really hard.  I'm constantly teaching myself new things.  Lately I've been learning all about a certain kind of chart-building, making a tree diagram, programmatically, using a javascript library called D3.js

When I first got started, I went right to the D3 homepage, and from there to some galleries of examples.  I cobbled together something rough, based on an example.  Then, I tinkered with it, moving from junk data to actually using real data, brought to the front end via an ajax call.

After I got it all working, I decided I wanted to get super fancy, and make the radial tree I'd built collapsible.  But I had only a loose idea for how to even do it.  Until I found that someone else had already done just that. (If you're really curious, it's at

I took what I'd already built to get the data from the back, mixed it with what I'd done on the static tree page, and this new stuff, and VOILA! It worked.

If you're still awake after reading all that, here's where my gratitude comes in.  I'm one of thousands, no more like millions, of people who do this sort of thing.  All over the world, every day, dorkasauruses like me are figuring stuff out, and writing it down where other people can see it.  Whether it's in a book, or on the net, these people are on my team, they've got my back.  

I have so much help learning new things.

It boggles my mind.


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