It always happens the same way.

I find something new, cool, and interesting, and begin to fiddle with it.  After I've vetted it for a while, I show it to Missy, who always insists that she really doesn't need yet one more thing to be into.

Then, after some slight hesitation, she tries it.  Fire the starter gun, because we're off!  She'll dive in, and really get into the thing.  She'll become expert at it, and enjoy the learning process.  

I love this.  We're nerds.  We groove on shared passions.

Our latest thing like this is Minecraft.  After my friend Cargo's visit, she started to get interested.  A little while ago we began playing it on our xbox one, and then I got it for her for her mac, so we could play online together with friends.

Yesterday on our way home from the DC littles munch, as I was driving us home, I noticed she was fiddling with something on her phone.  I asked her what she was doing.

Any guesses?

Yep, Minecraft for iOS.  (I laughed too.)

When we got home, we booted up the xbox, and spent rather a large number of hours tinkering together on our little shared private world on our xbox.  We put the game into creative mode, and just sort of built up the house we'd built together, making it really special.  

She did all this groundskeeping, making the path to our mine have a glowstone walkway, and pruning back all the many jungle trees near the house, with painstaking effort.  I changed our cobblestone tower to use brick and wood, and have a more modern aesthetic inside.  It was weirdly a bit like we were both grownup and kids, playing house together.  We were making a dream house together.  It was super satisfying, relaxing, and entirely selfish in the best way.  We just spent time together, doing nice things for each other, in an effort to surprise each other.

At the end of the evening, we toured through what we'd made for one another, together.  She loved the high glass ceiling in our tower bedroom.  I loved how she'd widened out the bridge over the lake behind our tower, and made the pathway from it to the mine so easy to navigate in the dark.

I love this about my wife.  She takes my passions and makes them her own, and that makes them all that much better for me.

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