Yesterday on my way to work, I got caught in a whopper of a traffic jam.  

Even the express lanes on the beltway, were, for a while, at a standstill.  It was awful.

But it didn't last.  Eventually, I got out of it.  I got to work at a reasonable hour.  

Later that day, I had this enormous technical issue, that could have made me lose about three weeks worth of work if I wasn't careful.

I got through it.  Just like that traffic jam earlier in the day, it was temporary.  I fixed my issues, committed my code, and all was right with the world.

These two things have more in common than it might appear at first.  Misfortune doesn't last.  

Because nothing lasts.  Strawberry jam is sticky, but traffic jam isn't, and neither is a logical jam.  Whenever I find myself caught in misfortune, it's hard to remember this lesson.  

But it's still true.


AuthorMako Allen
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