Monday I started my new job.  I was excited, and prepared.

For one thing, I had on my special work shark socks that my friend William Little had given me.

For another, I had decided days ago that I was treating this whole experience as a sort of personal reboot.  

I think I had grown somewhat jaded in my last two jobs.  They were for very large companies, which came with some very good things, but also many very bad things.

My new gig is at a teensy tiny company.  That has different good and bad aspects.

One thing I made sure to do right away was to be proactive.  From the moment I got there, I began looking for opportunities to bring value.  I've already volunteered for a special project.  I think people are digging my can-do attitude.

The best thing about this attitude isn't its effect on other people, but its effect on me.  I'm excited to be there.  I'm excited to see what I can do and learn, and how I can use it to grow there.  Somewhere along the way, I had somewhat lost this simple truth: I love what I do.

Found it.

AuthorMako Allen
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