My very-long-day with Cargo on Saturday didn't end until very early on Sunday.  When we got home from the spa, I introduced him to playing Minecraft together on our Xbox.

We kind of went batshit crazy with it.  We stayed up until 3am!

Missy was busy with her own video-game based-bad-sleep-making-pursuits - on their way back from the spa, she and Marybeth decided to get up to some Ingress playing, and they didn't get home until about 2am, either.

I guess we were all a little punch-drunk after the long day, and the hydrotherapy from the spa, because Missy said we could stay up as late as we wanted.  So we picked 3am.

Playing Minecraft with Cargo was SO MUCH FUN.  It's a bit like legos for grownups.  We went from digging a hole in the digital ground with our 8-bit hands to having a huge castle, complete with battlements, a glass skylight, fluffy woolen beds, and a mine that stretched for miles underground underneath it.  

It was really amazing.  Playing together like that pinged our mutual ageplayishness (sure, it's a word), as well as our geekery.  (Also, a word, deal with it.)  We each had jobs to do.  I would crank out tools, and component pieces for him, while he would gradually replace the dirt walls of our shelter with good, hardened cobblestone.  He would work on our farm, while I enlarged the mine.  We had several disasters, where we got attacked, and our characters died.  At one point, Cargo's character respawned at the bottom of a giant canyon, where he was stuck.  I rescued him, and we literally dug our way out to the surface, in the dark, armed with only a few torches, and a pickaxe.  It was gourmet, technology-aided, grownup pretend.

It was so good that the next morning, we decided to play some more.  (Well, let's be honest here, afternoon.  We went to be at 3am!  We didn't get up until almost noon.)  Anyhow, after we took a bath, and I got him diapered and dressed for his train home, we sat down to play for a little while longer.

Then, we exhibited excellent adult restraint, and decided to leave early, so we could go get some food, before I brought him into DC for his train home.  Good thing we did!  When we got outside to my car, we found it was covered in ice.

It kind of boggled our minds.  We were so wrapped up in Minecraft, bubble baths, Minecraft, diapering, Minecraft, cuddling, and did I mention Minecraft, that we had no idea of the icy sleety rain that had been coming down since we got up.

Thankfully, I got him to the station safely, and with enough time for us to share a meal, while we talked about Minecraft.

It's not like we are hooked or anything, right?


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