Yesterday I showed up for my second day of work minus one thing I crucially needed: a mug for coffee.  

(You can't work in IT without some way to caffeinate - it just isn't done!) 

My co-worker and new buddy, C. lent me a mug.  This one:

On the side it's got a geeky update to Ro Sham Bo, the game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" which adds "Lizard", and "Spock".  (Incidentally, I thought that was a joke, but it's a real variation of the game - look at the Wikipedia link!) 

A big part of my not-so-productive yesterday was getting to know C. and some of my other co-workers.  We talked philosophy, Buckaroo Banzai, and tech.  I like them.  They like me.

At one point I said to them jokingly that I felt like breaking out in song, and singing I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here from Annie.  

But I didn't, because as I told them, I like them too much to subject them to that.

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