It was terrible timing, but our boy Richard happened to be moving this weekend.  Cargo is his friend too, and being the very good person he is, said he didn't mind if we carved some time out of his visit to help.  

So after I got him diapered for the day, we bopped on down to Richard's new house, and joined a team of people to help move stuff from Place A to Place B.

It was a chilly day, filled with dressing in layers, work gloves, stinky old refrigerators, heavy couches, and many boxes.

But it was great.  I was glad to be able to be there for Richard, who has been there for me countless times beyond measure.  I was grateful for Cargo who selflessly gave his own time and help.  The group helping Richard included my wife Missy, my sister-in-law Marybeth, and several other people who are close friends of Richard's and mine, as well as Camp Crucible buddies to us all.  It was a bit like having a Camp reunion, just with different muscle soreness.  

Afterward, Missy, MB, Cargo and I headed out to a Korean spa to relax our sore, tired muscles, eat exotic food, and spend time in a giant hydrotherapy pool.  It felt very, very good.  

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