Friday my friend Cargo Weasel came down from New York to visit me for the weekend.  It's a trip we had been planning for several months.  We were both looking forward to spending time together, and for my keeping him in diapers, and being cuddly buddies the whole weekend.

I drove to the train station where he was coming in, and waited.  As I did, I hung out in the tiny coffee shop at the station.  It was a riot.  The place was run by a very young manager, with help from some younger girls, who I think were related to him.  The three of them obviously really loved one another very much, and drove one another crazy, just as much.

I snuck a picture of them, artfully 'tooned up for artistic license and privacy reasons.

Shortly after I got a very nice cup of snooty coffee, Cargo arrived and I whisked him home to a bubble bath, and a weekend of time together.  It's the first time I've ever picked anyone up at that station, and it felt really right and good to do so.  I only even know about that particular station because I have travelled through it on my way to my old job.  I feel like it's something valuable I picked up along the way, that's stayed with me.

Anyhow, I was super excited to have Cargo down for the visit.  We've been good friends for years now, and the prospect of having his time to myself without the confines of an event, or podcast, or any other such goings-on was delightful.


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