Missy is an extreme weather fan.  She's absolutely in love with it.  She regularly listens to weather radio, loves the movie Twister, and daydreams about taking a storm chasing vacation.

She's been very frustrated by the not-an-event that snow has been for us here this year.  Each time the area's hunkered down, waiting for a nice big storm, she's held her breath, waiting along with everyone else.

Last night, she finally got the snowstorm she wanted.

As we got ready for bed, it was really coming down.  She was so excited she could barely stand it.

She stood looking out our bedroom window, watching the snow fall, and bouncing on her toes from excitement.  

Then she came to bed, and gleefully announced to me that there was simply no way I'd have work today.  The federal government was going to close, the train wouldn't run, all that jazz.

She was right.  I love having the day off today, but I love more that she finally got the snowstorm she wanted.



AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude