So yesterday, during my holiday, I went to go see my friends Peanut (and her husband, Mr. Peanut), and their adorable two month old baby, who for privacy and cuteness reasons, I will refer to as Macadamia.  

She's an adorable baby.  She really seems to dig me, too.

It's a big deal to me that Peanut trusts me with her most precious creation.

This is a trend that's continued today, in a different way.

I have a good friend who's the super creative sort, Michael.  He's a gifted writer, film maker, and many other things besides.  He's been itching for a long while to create a podcast which mingles the best of old-time radio, science fiction, and a quirky sensibility for the world around us.  

Today, that podcast has been born.  It's the Managlitch City Underground.  I've known about the project for a while, been privileged to test-listen to it some, and give feedback to its awesome creator and performer.  You might notice a character in there who possibly, maybe, might have something to do with me.

It's awesome.

I'm so grateful my friends trust me with their babies.

It's awesome.

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