Yesterday morning this happened.

Let me explain what you're looking at, exactly.

So, that's me, in bed, cuddling my bestest shark buddy, Chum.  You can't see her, but my dolly Alice is right next to Chum, too.  Behind me, is my wife, Missy.  You can just make out her arm (it's the one with the scrunchie on the wrist.) wrapped around me.  She's cuddling with me, spooning.  

Did I mention she's an incredibly good snuggler?  Because she is.

I'm wearing my favorite I'm with Ghidrah t-shirt, which my other two Ghidrah heads, Pene and Spacey also have.  I'm also wearing a diaper, not that you can see it in this picture.

This was at about 8:30 in the morning.  Missy was still quite sleepy.  I, on the other hand, was ready to be awake for the day.  But I wasn't ready to get out of bed just yet.  Cuddling with my sweetie causes high bed gravity.

I was also reading, on my iPad.  Specifically what I was reading was some Grails documentation, about the Spring Security plug-in.  Wait, wait - don't fall asleep, I know, boring!

I got struck by the thought of just how funny the confluence of all this stuff was.  I was being little and big at the same time.  I was enjoying the love and affection of my wife, at the same time I was grooving on being amongst my stuffed animal friends, all while letting my brain wander to matters technical and diverse.

I'm complicated.  And I'm grateful that I am.  I've always got about a hundred things going on in my head, and in my life at the same time.  I used to worry that it made me stretched too thin, or overly analytical to the point that I couldn't enjoy my life.  

But that's not true.  I like having a lot going on.  And I'm super grateful I have wonderful, loving people in my life who support me with that.

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