Tonight after we got home from the DC Littles Munch, Missy and Rachel sat down to slay some electronic demons in Diablo 3, and I got out my trusty laptop, and got to work tinkering on a web app side project of mine.

I had a very specific agenda for the night, which was to run through a tutorial article I found about installing security in a Grails application.  I got about halfway through the article when my environment tossed a lung, because something about its setup just wasn't compatible with the version of the plugin that I installed.

I took a nice deep breath, backed everything out, and started over.  I tossed the article aside completely, and instead found a tutorial based on the latest and greatest version of the security plugin.  

20 minutes later, I had this:


The best part of the whole thing was being self-sufficient about recognizing my problem, troubleshooting it, finding a solution, and ultimately implementing it.  

It feels wonderful to me that I can teach myself new things, and move steadily forward doing so.  I remember years ago feeling that without a class to take, or a mentor to show me, I could never make progress learning such an immense volume of daunting new technical things.  I was wrong. The truth is, I can do anything, learn anything, one step at a time.

That's a secure feeling indeed.

AuthorMako Allen
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