So we had a very nice Christmas.  Missy and I got Marybeth something she's really, really wanted for a while.  Marybeth got me something I have really, really wanted for a while.  (Hint, it rhymes with Zicrophone Groom.) 

I got some amazing presents, including a custom-cross-stitched shark sweater that's beautiful (from Rachel), and an absolutely adorable BB-8 iPhone-controllable sphere droid.  (It's amazing.)

But the best thing was the look on Missy's face when I surprised her with a very nice necklace and ring.

She was not expecting any such thing.  And she got this wonderful look on her face.

You know the look I'm talking about.  That look of "I'm overwhelmed because someone is doing something so nice for me that I can't even process how much it means to me."

I LOVE THAT LOOK.  Wanna see it on Missy's face?

Who am I kidding?  Of course you do.

I love her so much.

AuthorMako Allen
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