As I've said before, I love my wife.

Part of why I love her is because she's got a deep, loving, giving personality.  Whenever something bad happens in the news, she's right there, deeply feeling sorrow with whomever's at the business end of the tragedy.  But she has this same empathy at the micro level, too.  She wants to do good things for people.  

An opportunity for just such a thing came up, recently.  We've got this neighbor who has a young daughter.  Her husband just moved out, maybe a month before Christmas.  "I just got separated at Christmas, yay!" said no-one, ever.

Missy got this great idea, and totally got me and my sister-in-law Marybeth into it.  We would be Secret Christmas Ninjas.  Missy ordered a doll for the daughter, online.  When it came, Marybeth wrapped it, really nicely.  I went to a local grocery store and got a gift certificate.  Missy wrote "Merry Christmas!" on it and sealed it up in an envelope attached to the present.

Then, Christmas Eve (yesterday), she sneaked it over to their front door, and did a ding-and-dash on their doorbell.


After she jetted back from her mission, Missy parked herself in the one part of our house where sound travels through from their house, and could hear their delighted cries of surprise.

But the best confirmation came later that night.  Missy got this text message.

Neighbor: "Were you Santa?"

Missy: "Santa who? Huh?"

Neighbor: "We just had a mystery gift on our doorstep and I'm trying to think of who it could be."

Missy: "No idea! Merry Christmas!"


AuthorMako Allen
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