So, just before Auntie Squee and I "changed out fetlives", by which I mean announced our relationship to our fetlife friends by changing our profiles, we decided to do a plushie exchange.

Wave hi to the nice readers, Terry!

Wave hi to the nice readers, Terry!

I sent her one of my sharks, Terry Adorable.

And she in return sent me Broccoli.

No, not like actual vegetable broccoli.  Broccoli is a plushie.  She's really cool.  She's got teensy little arms and legs, and wears a blue checked skirt/dress thing that's cute.  

She told me shortly after she got to my house that if I want to I can call her "Brocs" or even "Brox" for short, when I'm in a hurry.

Here's the ABC Gang, together.

Here's the ABC Gang, together.

So Missy films me opening my Brox Box from Auntie Squee, which was like this super-tender and wonderful moment together.  Then we cuddle up and go to bed.  As I'm drifting off, I realized something awesome which I told Missy, and I'll tell you now.

Now my three most important plushies are a sort of gang or club.


Alice - who's my friend.  My mommy Missy got her custom made for me special, because she's the in-person avatar of my imaginary friend.  Alice represents how amazing my life with Missy as my wife and Mommy is to me.  She gets me, and actively takes good care of me, in all sorts of ways.  She often knows what I need before I do, and it shows.  She got me Alice the doll after watching me struggle so hard to explain what Alice looks like, and how important she is to me.  It's a really touching story.

Broccoli - who's my cuddle buddy.  Broccoli belonged to Auntie Squee for a long time, and was her constant companion in all sorts of ways and places.  I have visited with Broccoli over Skype many, many times.  Broccoli does this super important job for my Auntie, and for me.  She's like the local Squee Ambassador in my home, and my life.  She's there for me to cuddle whenever I want and need to.  This is important, because we live hundreds of miles apart.  Auntie Squee and I are constantly fine-tuning the way we connect, and finding little times and ways to be a part of each other's day.  Having Brox here with me, is a big one.  

Chum - Chum is my alpha plushie.  I've had him for over 12 years now.  He was a gift from my ex, and he's one of the stars of Finding Nemo.  He's a mako shark, and he does this super important job for me.  He's the seat of my insecurities.  He's timid, shy, reserved, and more than a little neurotic.  He stays home safe, while I go out in the world and do big scary things.  Chum is a link to my past, and the avatar of an enormous part of my personality.  I love him, and know him to be an intentionally-made-separate part of myself.  

Together, these three form the ABC Gang.  I love them.  

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