I've joined that elusive, and ever-dwindling club, Those What Have Seen The Star Wars And What Don't Want to Spoil It For Others.

I have a lot of friends in this club.  Been sharing this ridiculous picture of a car's rear spoiler with the STAR WARS logo on it with them, and each time I do, they laugh.

Besides sharing this little bit of silliness with you, there actually is this sort of semi-serious gratitude related to it.  I have noticed a lot of drama, a lot of sturm und drang on social media over people getting all hot and bothered under the collar about other people spoiling the movie for them.  People say, "Hey, don't you jackasses spoil this movie for me!" or "I'm just warning you, I'm going to not be on twitter/facebook/whatevs for a while to avoid all you spoiler-bitches."


I simultaneously roll my eyes at this, and at the same time, do understand.  I roll my eyes at people's assumption that if they aren't on Facebook for a while it will be really terrible for others.  How vapid!  

(Don't get me wrong, in recent weeks I've come to really enjoy facebook, and get a lot of utility out of it.  I have decided to enjoy it on my own terms.)

But I do understand.  People say this stuff because they're (just like me) frail, fragile imperfect human beings.  They each have their own joys, fears, braveries, insecurities.  My getting upset that people get upset is my own sort of "no-spoiler" pain.  

So I'm grateful for spoilers, and not sharing them.  Look at all the learning I'm doing about others by not telling them things they don't want to know.

AuthorMako Allen
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