Thursday night after work I threw a few essentials into a suitcase and got on the road to go visit Maya and Michael. 

It's a trip that's been in the works for about two months now.  I love them, and have wanted to visit them for a "just because" visit for ages. 

It worked out just fine.  I made good time and four hours later, arrived at their home.  I have this thing about knowing the place a person is, being in it, so I have a sense of it when I'm not there.  I was super excited to see their apartment, because I'd never been there before.  They're both enormous parts of my life, and people I text with, call, bullshit on twitter, or otherwise insinuate myself  as often as possible.  So getting that extra little shot of juice of being in and knowing their home meant a lot to me.  They've really made me feel super welcome.  I'm catching up my blog from their house right now in fact.    

I love them, they're family to me. 


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