No funny picture, no pun-making-title.  Just serious gratitude for the fact that I also do life coaching, and that sometimes, it's an absolute joy.  I had an absolutely wonderful session of coaching with a client Wednesday night.  I'm so thrilled with them and how they're doing.  They're making fantastic strides in accomplishing something very important to them.   

I showed them some different ways to think about things, gave the some new strategies for making progress, but they are doing all the heavy lifting.  And OH BOY are they ever doing it.  I'm super proud of the progress they're making. 

I love being a life coach.  Sometimes the world can seem like a hostile, jumbled, confusing place, filled with misfortune and unhappiness.  (Which is a lie, it's not that way, nor is it a place filled with constant joy, ease, and laughter.  It's just the world, and it's here for us to use as we can.)  But coaching, for me, is a way of fighting back that darkness I sometimes can't help but manifest.  In a world filled with people being intolerant, depressed, and shitty to one another, it makes me feel great to help someone to realize change they want in their own life.  It's a great way to see change in action. 

AuthorMako Allen